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Worst moments 8. OTK for the seniors.


There was a pause as those of us in the Sixth Form Common Room savoured the wealth of corporal punishment anecdotes which were so effectively passing a rainy afternoon. It was pretty obvious that quite a number of us were getting fairly aroused by the discussion.

"Well," said Jessica, "I agree the cane is the implement I now fear the most, but what about being put over someone's knee? I guess that's how most of us got or first experience of being spanked but it's kind of undignified and it's the sort of thing that you think is only applied to the juniors. You kind of hope that you become too old to be shoved across someone's lap and have your knickers dragged down. I mean, there's an element of dignity in being caned, isn't there?"

Jessica's bottom was regularly whacked to an even redder colour than her hair, so she knew what she was talking about.

"So imagine how I felt when Mrs Winchester accused me of being cheeky the other day and a moment later had me over her knees with my jeans and panties on the floor behind me. Then she gave me a terrific tanning with that small leather paddle: the one that really stings. I don't know what was worse: the sting or the humiliation, especially as the secretary must have heard what was going on."

"I agree," said Jenny, "My mum found my mobile. I'd forgotten to erase the texts which Jeff and I had exchanged. I admit they were a bit racy, so mum blew a fuse, grabbed a hairbrush, and before I knew it I was getting the kind of spanking I haven't had for years. Anyway, it taught me a lesson: erase those texts!"

"Golly, my aunt doesn't need a hairbrush," Debbie piped up from a corner. "She's got a hand of steel and she doesn't hesitate to use it, even though I'm now in the 6th Form. I swear a spanking from her is as bad as a session with Mrs W's paddle."

Suddenly, we all fell silent. From the floor above us came the unmistakeable sound of someone being caned. 



Top left: from

Above left and right: from The House of Ill Repute

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