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Don't frighten the gardener

Spanking, corporal punishment

Admittedly, it was a bit unusual. Spankings with 'Stinger' - the Headmistress's dreaded long-handled hairbrush which had struck stuck such terror into the hearts of several generations of Bexhill girls - were usually applied over the offender's knickers. This was because Stinger was normally the girl's first introduction to corporal punishment at the school and was only used after reasoned argument and other blandishments had failed to achieve the required outcome. The culprit would be told to bend over, postioned either across the Head's desk, kneeling on a chair, or touching her toes. Her skirt would be raised, and six firm smacks administered to the underlying knickers. Sometimes a single meeting with Stinger was enough to set the girl on a straight and narrow path for the rest of her time at the school. At other times, Stinger was just a prelude to encounters with paddles, tawses, and a variety of canes.

Nancy's case was different. She'd already felt the weight of Stinger across her panties on a previous occasion, and by rights she should have been on the receiving end of a cane this time, since losing school books was considered careless and thus a serious offence. However, Nancy had sworn blind that she'd left the book on her desk when the class went out for the mid-morning break, and it wasn't there when she got back. She couldn't be let off scott free of course: that would send the wrong signals to others. But the Headmistress decided that six with Stinger on the bare would probably be about right, under the circumstances.

"Hold on tight to the window frame, Nancy, and no howling. Roberts the gardener is out there somewhere and we don't want to alarm him."

Roberts was indeed out there. He'd been pruning the roses just below the study window and had heard Nancy's pleadings being dismissed. Everyone thought old Roberts was deaf as a post, but he wasn't. And he was quite partial to the sound of a young lady's bottom being spanked. He kept very quiet and waited, ear cocked..

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