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First caning

Spanking, corporal punishment, caning

Last term he'd had to spank her with his hairbrush, the dreaded heavy-backed 'Stinger', and she'd made quite a fuss then. If he remembered correctly he'd been forced to give her an extra three smacks for repeatedly getting up before the punishment was over.

Now, she'd been caught out of bounds - and not only that, she had actually crossed over the low wall into the grounds of the adjacent boys' school and been found alone with one of the pupils behind the sports pavilion. There was no evidence that anything untoward had taken place but it was a serious offence nevertheless. It  was well-known that such behaviour merited twelve strokes with a Dragon cane, the most feared of all the rattan rods at his disposal. It would be sending the wrong message to let her off with anything less.

He'd summoned her after supper. She'd entered his study white-faced and trembling: her friends had obviously told her what she was in for.

He contemplated telling her to bend over his desk, but on second thoughts he felt she might be easier to control if she knelt on a chair. So, after he'd given her the regulation lecture about the consequences of breaking bounds, he'd gone over to the rack on the wall, taken down the Dragon from the highest pegs, and indicated to her where he wanted her to take up her position.

Although she was already weeping in anticipation of what was to come, he'd got her to slip down her navy blue knickers and get into place, holding on to the back of the chair. However, as he tapped her bottom in preparation for the first stroke, her hands flew down and clasped her cheeks protectively. He grabbed her wrists and tried to restrain her by hoisting them up her back. She stayed still enough for him to be able to administer the first swipe, but as soon as it bit into her unmarked backside, she reared up, yelling.

This was obviously going to be a difficult case. He would have to call in Miss Holloway, the school secretary, to help hold her down.


Miss Holloway appears regularly in the Bexhill School books.


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