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caning, spanking, corporal punishment
caning, spanking, corporal punishment
caning, spanking, corporal punishment

It had been weeks since her mother had appeared in that absurd tiger-print dress. In fact, Jayne thought her mum had taken the message on board, even though she ruefully remembered that delivering the message had cost her a vigorous spanking. Anyway, Jayne had just come back from school and here was her mother once more looking as though she was going to a fancy-dress ball. Jayne had failed to suppress an outbreak of giggles and had again - unwisely - expressed her opinion as to her mother's taste.

It had gone down like a lead balloon,and she had immediately been sent to her room by her furious mum. A couple of minutes later, Jayne heard her stomping up the stairs, and mentally braced herself for another session over mum's lap. But what she saw when her mother strode into the bedroom made her knees turn to jelly: she was holding dad's cane. Even dad never beat her with that: it was strictly reserved for her brother. But here was mum clutching it and there was no doubt she meant business.

"All right. Knickers down, skirt up, lie on the bed. That last spanking obviously taught you nothing, so let's see whether a good caning will be more effective."

Jayne knew that resistance was futile, so she moved her satchel aside and stretched herself out. No sooner was she in position than the first stroke came whipping down. It was sheer agony! Far worse even than one of dad's strappings. She clutched at her buttom with both hands, only to find them grasped and pinioned behind her back. Four more times the cane lashed across her cheeks, each stroke a fiery streak of pain which no amount of wriggling seemed to alleviate. The sixth stroke was the worst of all. The sting was so excruciating that Jayne managed to break free of her mother's grip and leaped up, rubbing her striped cheeks furiously.

"I told you to stay still. Now we'll have to start again."

"Oh no, mum, no please! Please no more. I'm really, really sorry."

"That's what you said last time, although you seem to have forgotten. Right, bend over the bed, hands on the cover. Let's see whether you can keep in place this time. Six more coming up."


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