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Double trouble

Spanking, corporal punishment

"Right, you're both for it. I warned you last week that if I caught you fighting again, I'd spank the pair of you. You obviously didn't listen to a word I said. For a senior Prefect like Amanda to have to separate you in the playground because you were pulling each other's hair is the last straw.

"I want you side by side: if you fight together you can be punished together. A bit further apart: that's right. Now, lift up your skirts, bend over and touch your toes. Since this is your first spanking at Bexhill, you can keep your knickers on.

"I'm sure you've heard of Stinger, haven't you? Well, here he is: a nice, solid, heavy wooden hairbrush. He's dusted bottoms here for at least two generations. Sometimes people find that just one meeting with him is enough to keep them well-behaved for the rest of their time at the school; sometimes we have to progress to other - more persuasive - means: the tawse, the paddle, or even the cane.

"But that's for another time. Right now you're each going to get six of the best. If you get up, you'll be given extra swats.

"All right, are you ready?"



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