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caning, corporal punishment, schoolgirl
caning, corporal punishment, schoolgirl

Talking in class


'Thrasher' Thresher must be the most humourless teacher on the planet. So, OK, Audrey and I were talking (well, whispering) to each other, but the subject was important: she'd had sex for the first time last night! And it had been with that uber-dishy chap from neighbouring school: you know, Damian - captain of rugby or something. A real hunk of beefcake. Of course I wanted to know all about it, and of course it couldn't wait until break time. Maybe 'Thrasher' had warned us a couple of times before to stop chattering, but for heaven's sake, what's more interesting: trigonometry or your best friend's first lay?

Anyway, the third time he went ballistic. We were sent off to stand in opposite corners and then at the end of class he gave us this massive bawling-out and told us we each had to write out 100 lines. We thought that was it, but then he went to his locker and produced this cane. My God, we nearly died. 'Thrasher' has this awful reputation: he can shred a girl's backside even more quickly than the Headmaster.

Audrey was first. He told her to bend over a stool and things didn't improve when it turned out that she'd 'forgotten' to put on any panties. Nevertheless, I thought that the way she danced around after each stroke was a bit over the top. 

Then it was my turn. I had to lower my knickers and bend over a desk. Then he laid on the first stroke. You can't believe how much it hurt. Where did the man get this technique? By the fifth swipe I was struggling and kicking all over the place, but 'Thrasher's' response was just to intone 'stay still!'

As if.

But I can't wait to hear Audrey's story. Maybe she'll give me all the details as we write our lines.

caning, corporal punishment, schoolgirl

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Upper photos from The Penitents

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