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Self-abuse: the consequences

caning, spanking, corporal punishment


The wretched Housemistress, 'Fuzzy' Furse, had caught me masturbating whilst I listened to sound of the headmistress giving that delectable Fourth Former, Beryl, a dose of the tawse on her bare behind. To Fuzzy, self-abuse leads directly to degeneracy and God knows what other ills. These can only be cured by a vigorous caning, which is what I was not looking forward to as I made my way down to her study. She was already there, swishing the cane up and down.

"You disgusting, perverted girl," she hissed apoplectically. "You know perfectly well that what you were doing is immoral and unnatural. Get over there, drop your knickers, lift up your skirt, bend over and put your hands on the stool. Have you got anything to say for yourself?"

In for a penny, in for a pound. "But ma'am, why is it 'unnatural' and 'immoral'? I mean, we're growing girls, our hormones are rushing about demanding attention. The 'natural' thing would be if we had access to boys, but you don't allow that because it would be 'immoral'. So surely it's normal for us to find some relief doing what I was doing? It doesn't do any harm, does it?"

I just caught the momentary whistle of the cane before it slapped across my bum. It was completely unexpected: I wasn't even in position. Christ, it stung!

"Don't try to be clever with me," Fuzzy snarled. "You're supposed to have the moral fibre to resist such fleshly temptations. Self-discipline is what you need, and if you haven't got it, then this cane will instil it. Now bend down, hands on the stool."

She must have been beside herself, and I suppose my logic didn't help pacify her. She gave me twelve, for God's sake! No-one has have ever had more than six for pleasuring themselves before.

Halfway through, when I realised she wasn't going to stop at six, I began imagining Beryl watching me being flogged. It helped. Actually it helped a lot. I felt myself getting quite moist again. The thought even occurred to me that when I got back to the dorm, I might find a use for my fingers other than rubbing my bottom.


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