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Making up 2

Spanking, corporal punishment, caning


Jane simply could not believe it. She'd told her sister that no, no, no, under no circumstances could Catharine raid her elder sibling's cosmetic drawer. Why, she'd even given Catharine a good, sisterly, bare-bottom spanking when she found out that Catharine had actually been intending to kiss a boyfriend on their first date. Outrageous behaviour.

She'd come back from own date to find Catharine still out. Sometime after midnight, Jane had heard the key rattling in the front door. She'd waited in the dark at the top of stairs and seen Catharine come in and close the door, lean back against it and obviously muse about her night out.

"A good time was had by one and all then, was it?" her voice came of the dark. Catharine jumped and snapped on the light.

"Oh, it's you!"

"Come upstairs and tell me all about it. And if you kissed him, you know what you can expect!"

"All right. I'll bring some coffee with me."

A few minutes later, Catharine was curled up on Jane's bed, her arms hugging her knees. Jane was absorbed in removing her make-up and hadn't looked round when Catharine brought in the steaming mugs.

"Oh Jane, he's so dishy!"

Jane looked around at her sister and almost fell off her chair at what she saw.

"Catharine, what on earth have you done to yourself? What's that...that warpaint all over your face? Oh my God, just a moment..." Realisantion swept over Jane's face. She opened her cosmetics drawer. As she suspected, it was in disarray.

"How dare you?" she glared furiously at her sister. "You've been in here, haven't you? You've been at my stuff! And just look at you! You've got no idea at all what to do with it!"

Beneath the over-enthusiastically applied make-up, Catharine blushed and started to stammer out her excuses.

"But Jane, it was really important...I had to make a good impression...I'll pay you back...I'll replace what I took..."

But Jane wasn't listening.

"I spanked you a couple of days ago, but it doesn't seem to have had any effect. Now you've had it. Thank God mum and dad are out. I know where dad keeps his cane. Wait here!" With that she swept out, clumped down the stairs in her heavy, thigh-length books and returned a minute later swishing her father's rattan cane. Catharine's lower lip was beginning to tremble.

"Right: get up on that chair. No, stand on it - no kneeling this time. Now bend over and place your hands on the table. And we'll have these down." She yanked Catharine's panties off her bottom.

"Now, keep still. I'm going to teach you a lesson you won't forget: when I say 'No!', I mean 'No!' "

For the second time that week Jane showed that she didn't shirk from taking on her responsibilities as the elder sister.


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