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Shirley's sales 'perk'

Caning, spanking, corporal punishment

Image from The Penitents

'Twelve Down', Bexhill Book 4, is available here

The following is an edited extract from Bexhill Book 4, 'Twelve Down'.

The Blue Moon was a general store located invitingly just across the road from Bexhill School. Alas, it was strictly out of bounds, with 12 of the best the standard reward for any pupil caught there. The owner, Mrs Grimshaw had been summoned by the Headmaster to his study, together with her daughter, Shirley. Shirley had sold  cigarettes and a bottle of wine to two Bexhill girls, who had been caught red-handed.  Mrs Grimshaw and Shirley had been required to witness the caning of the two miscreants in the hope that it would deter them once and for all from serving girls from the school.



“Headmaster,” she said Mrs Grimshaw, “I have tried to tell you that I, myself, never allow your girls into my shop. Alas, despite my strict instructions to Shirley, it seems that she disobeys me. I am truly as upset about this as you are, Mr Masterson. At home, I take a belt to Shirley when she needs it, but having seen what happened to these two girls, I think Shirley deserves similar treatment.”

“What are you saying, Mum?” Shirley shot a look of astonishment at her mother.

“I think Shirley needs to learn a lesson just like these girls."

“Mum! You can’t be serious!”

“Just do as I say, dear. Step over there and bend over. Don’t make it worse for yourself.”

“But I’m too old to be caned!”

“I don’t think so.”

“No, Mum, no. I won’t do it.”

“Oh dear.” Mrs Grimshaw got up, seized Shirley’s arm and pulled her towards the sofa.

“I was going to ask Mr Masterson to give you six, but if you make a fuss, you may need a few more."

Shirley looked dumbfounded.

“Well, he’s not going to cane me on my bare bottom. I’m keeping my trousers on.”

“I suppose we can agree to that. What do you say, Headmaster.”

Mr Masterson had been as caught by surprise as everyone else at Mrs Grimshaw’s proposal.

“Yes, I suppose that's all right. Now Shirley, perhaps you'll be good enough to bend over like the other girls did.”

Shirley looked at him and – furiously – at her mother. She took a few steps forward and placed herself in position, the trousers tightening around her bottom, which was fuller and more mature than the younger girls’.

“Right,” said Mrs Grimshaw, who seemed to be the undisputed Master of Ceremonies, “please proceed.”

The Headmaster eschewed his traditional three taps, just pressing the cane against Shirley’s backside before raising it high and swishing it down hard. The whack as it landed made Shirley jump and cry. The thin material provided little protection.

Shirley managed the six strokes quite creditably, staying more or less still but lifting up on to her toes and letting out startled cries each time the rattan landed, leaving faint lines on the seat of her pants.

“Satisfied?” the Headmaster looked at Mrs Grimshaw.

“Thank you, Headmaster. I don’t think Shirley will want to repeat that experience. Come on dear, we’re leaving.”

Shirley stood up, rubbing the searing stripes that lay below the trousers and panties.

“Thank you again, Headmaster,” said Mrs Grimshaw as she let herself out.




Another illustrated story is available here

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