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Extra for Anna

spanking, corporal punishment, caning

Bexhill School Head Girl Flo surveyed the three bottoms she'd just tanned. They might have been seniors but the way they had been behaving in the showers - indulging in a full-scale water fight - they deserved to be treated as they had been. Now Flo pondered whether to give Anna, the girl on the right, two more. She was sure that Anna was the ring-leader and deserved an extra thrashing and anyway there was that rumour that Anna actually liked being spanked.

As Headgirl, Flo had the unique privilege of being able to carry and use a cane, subject to some restrictions, one of which was that she could hand out a maximum of six strokes. However, she could usually get away with giving a couple more if she claimed the victim had moved or funked a whack by putting her hands in the way. Flo made up her mind.

"Right, you two can get down," she tapped the cane lightly on the two behinds nearest her. "Anna, stay in place. I haven't finished with you yet: you know why. Now stick your bottom right out." She laid the cane across the exact centre of Anna's cheeks, where there was still a small area of unblemished skin. The two others stood back, transfixed, gently massaging their blazing backsides.

(Flo and Anna appear in the Bexhill School series of books)

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