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In the park

spanking, OTK, corporal punishment


James was ablaze with anger. He'd heard on the grapevine that Catharine had spent the entire evening of the school dance with the handsome Spanish teacher. Catharine was supposed to be his girl-friend and now everyone at the Bexhill School for Girls who knew him was sniggering behind their hands at the way he'd been cuckolded. He'd only agreed to meet her in the holidays so that he could have it out with her. He led her off to a remote part of the town park where he plonked himself down on a bench and demanded an explanation.

To his fury, she was not in the least contrite. She even admitted kissing the teacher at the end of the evening and giving him her telephone number. James was beside himself with anger, but the final straw was when Catharine told him to "grow up" and "get over it" because it was just a "one night stand". He grabbed her arm and in one swift movement pulled the shocked girl across his lap, lifting up her loose beige dress. Then he started spanking her, the smacks increasing in strength as she wriggeld and protested.

"If you don't stop squirming around, these knickers are coming down," he warned her. She took no notice, continuing to yell and kick her legs in her frantic efforts to escape.

James was as good as his word; he yanked the skimpy panties down and redoubled his efforts. Catharine shrieked and thrashed but was held fast by James's left arm while his right hand spanked remorselessly away so that Catharine's bottom turned from creamy white to pink to a blushing red.




spanking, OTK, corporal punishment


The plummy voice made James jump. He froze, hand high above his shoulder. Catharine stopped shouting and opened her eyes wide. A middle-aged couple emerged from the woods behind them and walked past the bench, their Golden Labrador tugging at its leash. They looked straight ahead, disappearing around a bend in the path. The husband’s voice carried in the still air as he spoke to his wife: “So, old trout, is everything set for the church fête?”

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Images from The Penitents

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