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Caning, corporal punishment, schoolgirl
Caning, corporal punishment, schoolgirl
Caning, corporal punishment, schoolgirl
Caning, corporal punishment, schoolgirl

Funking it


Sometimes that first caning was just more than the girl could bear. She might have been spanked before - in fact, she probably had been, since it would be rare for the Headmaster to administer a caning for a first offence, unless it was something serious, like smoking.

But there's a world of difference between six smacks with a hairbrush - or even a tawse - over the knickers, and that first blazing welt from a swishy rattan cane on your bare bottom..

It had taken some persuasion, and threats of extras, even to get Belinda to pull her panties down, bend over, and put her hands on the stool. She kept whimpering and flinching in anticipation of the first stroke, and when it came, she leaped up, clasping her hands to her stinging backside. 

"Very well then, you can stand, but it won't get you anywhere. I'll simply thrash you harder." So saying, he whacked the cane down again, the rattan biting into her two clenched cheeks. She grabbed at her bottom, rubbing frantically. 

"Stay still!" the Headmaster commanded, but Belinda wasn't listening. The Headmaster tried another stroke, but what with having to hold the girl's skirt up, and her constant efforts to protect her bottom with her hands, his efforts to inflict the necessary punishment were being thwarted.

"Right, Belinda. That's all for now, but you'll come back tomorrow at the same time, and you'll get double the number of strokes I was going to give you today. Go away and think about it. If you refuse to take your punishment properly tomorrow, I'll ask a couple of Prefects to hold you down, and I'm sure you don't want an indignity like that. Now get out, and I'll see you here at the same time tomorrow.

Belinda faced an agonising 24 hours of contemplation.

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