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Sixth Form privileges


Of course being in the Sixth Form is better than being some junior in the Fourth Form, but one of the more doubtful privileges - it has always seemed to me - is that you get to be caned standing up rather than bending over. Something to do with 'preserving our modesty', although that would be better achieved if we were allowed to keep our knickers on. Never mind, when you get to the Headmaster's age, I guess you can't begrudge him the occasional thrill.

The downside is that, whereas the juniors receive their tanning from a light cane, we get it with a Senior or even, like today, with a Dragon. Those light rattans certainly sting: I remember only too well dancing around his study after a few swipes the first time I got 'promoted' to a caning. But they're nothing like as bad as the Senior or the Dragon, which leave glowing stripes, welts, and ridges. 

So, I've had the lecture about the evils of smoking, so now it's just a question of clinging on to the edge of his desk and getting through 12 strokes.

Ooowch! And that was only number two.

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