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One squabble too far

spanking, paddling, corporal punishment

He'd had enough of their interminable squabbling. They were both old enough to know better than to spend their time winding each other up, but no: all through supper one or the other had insisted on needling her sister. Both he and their mother had told them to knock it off, but after a couple of minutes of good behaviour they would be at it again. 

So he'd run out patience, sent them both up to their rooms, and ate his meal amidst stiff and forced conversation with his wife. Now they'd finished the washing up and she had said "OK, you'd better go and do what's necessary. It serves them right."

He'd collected the paddle from his study and gone to Catharine's room. On the way, he told her younger sister Linda to join them. Linda had appeared from her room wearing sports clothes and claiming she was about to go out jogging.

"Fine idea," said her father, "but before you go, take off your shorts and trainers and wait there in the corner while I deal with Catharine."

He threw the elder girl over his knees, dragged down her tights, and started spanking first the right cheek and then the left. As her bottom reddened, Catharine squealed, kicked her legs, and tried to put her hand in the way. This simply resulted in the smacks becoming harder.

In her corner, Linda gently ran her fingers over her still-unmarked bottom. She wasn't looking forward to the next few minutes.

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