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Diane being naughty

Spanking, corporal punishment
Caning, corporal punishment

Matron & her little helper

Caning, corporal punishment, schoolgirl

Matron's little helper


Suddenly, we all fell silent. From the floor above us came the unmistakeable sound of someone being caned. Eyeing each other, we softly counted the strokes: '...two...three...' We heard the murmur of voices. '...four...five...' A pause, then the last one: a resounding 'crack!' followed by a shrill yowl of pain. We waited, in case the poor victim was considered to have 'funked' the last stroke and would get one extra. But a few moments later, we heard the scrape of a chair, some movement, and then the slow, regular smack of a hairbrush against a bare bottom, interspersed with yelps and cries. Who was getting their behind tanned, by whom, and why?

We quietly delegated Cynthia to creep upstairs to find out, whilst our whispered speculation as to what was going on couldn't disguise the spanking taking place just a few feet above us, or the howls of protest from the victim.

After a couple of minutes, we heard a voice raised in exclamation, Matron: harsh and indignant. And then a few seconds later the 'thwack' of the cane again and cries which were instantly recognisable as coming from Cynthia. Our 'recce patrol' had obviously been spotted. We almost felt guilty for having sent her. Almost. But the thought of the pretty red stripes appearing across her bare and decidedly cute backside saved us from too much angst.

Six strokes lashed across those inviting cheeks, then we heard the a perempt command and footsteps leaving the room. We waited with bated breath.

Sure enough, a minute or so later two red-eyed colleagues appeared, energetically rubbing their posteriors: Cynthia and Diane. Cynthia, the more composed of the two, explained what had happened. Apparently overwrought by the discussion of corporal punishment which had been taking place in the Sixth Form Common Room, Diane had snuck up to her dormitory (which was located right above us) and had there been indulging in a little self-abuse when Matron stalked in. Matron has rather old fashioned and strictly-held views about masturbation, an act which can only be atoned for under the lash of the cane.

However, there was a catch.

Matron has taken on a young assistant, hardly older than us, whom she is attempting to brainwash about the evils of allowing unapproved finger-work. Having caught Diane in flagrante, as it were, she tasked the new helper with applying her first ever caning. Thus poor Diane became the test specimen for the girl's debut attempt at applying the rattan, which she had chosen to do with more vigour than precision, causing Diane to jump about in a way which Matron had found inappropriate. The scraping sound was Matron placing herself on a chair from which she proceeded to spank the wretched Diane with a singularly heavy hairbrush.

Whilst this little entertainment was proceeding, Cynthia was spotted peeping through the door, which gave Matron - who was now well-enflamed - the excuse to demonstrate how a proper caning should be dispensed.

Thus the Sixth Form Common Room was now adorned with no less than three blooming backsides: those of Cynthia and Diane, and poor Jennie - whose caning by the Headmistress had started off the whole cycle of events.

The consequences of a botched reconnaisance

Spanking, corporal punishment

Diane shows us her trade marks

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Diane being naughty from the Penitents

Matron's little helper from Women in Control

'Consequences' and 'trade marks': origin unknown

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