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Careless calling


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"I'll be listening tonight," mused Samantha

Caning, schoolgirl, corporal punishment

From the moment one of the strictest Prefects caught her using a school telephone to call her boyfriend, Camilla knew she was in trouble - deep trouble. The Prefect was bound to report the matter to the Housemistress, and the outcome was likely to be a painful meeting with the lady that evening. 

None of her colleagues were any help: they mostly thought she'd brought it on herself. Most useless of all was her best friend, Samantha, who was notoriously over-sexed.

"That'll mean a caning from old 'Thrasher' Throgmorton. Wow! You know, just the thought of you kneeling naked on your bed while she lashes your little pink backside with her wicked rattan, it really turns me on."

"Thanks a million! You're incorrigible!"

"Not at all, I just see everything I can in terms of sex." She fondled her left breast sensuously, before continuing in a dreamy voice. "I mean, take last term when 'Thrasher' caught me smoking. I knew I'd get 12 of the best that night, but instead of worrying about it, I worked myself up so that I was thoroughly aroused when she arrived, swishing that cane. You've heard of 'pain and pleasure'? Let me tell you it really exists. I timed it perfectly and had the most terrific orgasm on the tenth stroke!" 

"You're impossible!"

"Trust me, I'll be listening intently tonight, with my hand in my knickers. Don't take it bravely. The more I hear you yelling, the better it will be!"

"Oh, get out of here!"


The procedure was always the same: the duty Prefect would knock on the girl's door and speak the dreaded words "Prepare yourself!" That meant stripping naked and kneeling on the bed to await the arrival of 'Thrasher' and her cane. A few minutes later, Camilla heard the heavy footsteps and her door opened. Oh golly! That cane was even longer than she'd expected. Blast Samantha! Camilla could imagine her, lying on her bed, her fingers where they shouldn't be, waiting for the 'entertainment' to start.





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