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Facing the Music (Part 3)

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Spanking, corporal discipline, schoolgirl

Photo from Thedepurtysblog

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Angie's mother sat on a chair and pulled her daughter's skirt up. She started spanking Angie with her hand, over the girl's knickers. Alexia, watching wide-eyed, put her hand to her mouth as the slaps became harder and harder, and her friend wriggled and squirmed under the onslaught. After a few minutes, Angie's mother pulled down the girl's knickers, revealing two brightly glowing globes. She then reached over and felt behind a cushion which lay on the end of the sofa behind her. To Alexia's horror, her hand emerged holding a long-handled hairbrush. With this, she began tanning poor Angie's bottom all over again, while the girl yelped and bucked at each stinging smack. Alexia had never even heard of, let alone seen, a spanking like this. She willed it to stop, so that she could hug and comfort her friend, but the blows rained relentlessly down until Angie's bottom sported two large, purple blotches. At last her mother allowed her to stand up. Angie could barely hold back her tears as she massaged her tender cheeks.

Then, an extraordinary thing happened. Alexia looked shyly at the mother and said quietly:

"Ma'am, please would you spank me, too?"

Both Angie and her mother stared at Alexia, convinced they had misheard.

"Please, ma'am. Angie and I are best friends. We both got punished by the Music Teacher, so it wouldn't be fair if you spanked her and I got let off with nothing."

"But," Angie's mother said, "you've got a Discipline Report, too. What will happen when you ask your parents to sign it?"

"Well, the thing is, we have to hand the reports back in tomorrow morning, and I won't see my mum or dad before then, so I'll have to ask you to sign it."

"I see," said the mother, reflectively.

"Alexia!" Angie burst out, "Don't be so silly. You don't have to be thrashed just because you got a Discipline Report. It's only a rule in this house and my mum whacks awfully hard, as you just saw."

"Please ma'am. I really want equal treatment. I know it'll hurt but I wouldn't feel right if only Angie suffers."

"Well," Angie's mother stood up, "I suppose that if I'm going to sign your Discipline Report, I shoud treat you the same way as Angie. What punishment did you get today and what was it for?"

When Alexia explained that she'd been caned, and had received no less than 12 strokes, the mother's eyebrows shot up.

"If you were caned, it was a much more serious matter than Angie's. I would have to use the paddle, and believe me, it stings." 

"Oh my God," cried Angie, "Alexia, don't volunteer for the paddle! My mum will blister your bottom so hard you won't sit down for a week!" 

But Alexia was adamant. "I don't think I'll be able to sit down anyway after than caning. Please, let's do it and get it over with, otherwise I'll be really embarrassed to stay here with Angie."

"Very well, if you insist, Alexia. But I'm not going to be lenient with you."

Alexia nodded.

"In that case, while I fetch the paddle, please take your knickers down, raise your skirt, and grasp your ankles. Angie, I suppose it will be all right for you to stay and watch."

Angie stopped rubbing her bottom and bit her finger. She was sure Alexia didn't know what she'd let herself in for.


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