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Ripples from the party

caning, spanking, corporal punishment
strapping, spanking, corporal punishment
strapping, spanking, corporal punishment

Photo above: Strictly Spanking

As soon as their parents had finished chastising Emma, Abigail and Natalie for the secret party they had hosted when their mother and father were away, they demanded to know the guest list. At first, all three girls were reluctant to provide details of which friends had attended, but then their mother abruptly told them that unless the names were forthcoming immediately, the thrashings would be resumed. None of the girls felt inclined to endure any more pain and so, after glancing at each other, they hesitantly agreed to identify companions.

Their parents scanned the incriminating sheet closely, occasionally letting out a grunt or sucking their teeth.

"Right," said their father, "let's get started."

"What are you going to do," Emma asked nervously.

"We're going to call the parents of all those on this list and tell them that their children attended a rowdy, unapproved party. I will explain that you three have received your just desserts, and suggest that other parents may like to take an equally firm line."

"On no, dad, you can't! Please! We'd be so embarrassed!"

"Not as embarrassed as your mother and I are at what you got up to. Now, let's see...ah, here's the Watson's number." He started dialling.

The calls received mixed reactions. Some parents rather pathetically denied that it had anything to do with them, claiming that their sons and daughters were old enough to decide their social life for themselves. But a good number apologised profusely and assured the girls' parents that they would take the 'strongest' action.

Where that action involved corporal punishment, again the response was mixed: sometimes a cane was used, sometimes a belt, and sometimes strap, but overall - by the end of that day - there was a rather unusual cluster of very sore bottoms within a twenty mile radius of the party venue.


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