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caning, spanking, corporal punishment

Funking it


Mandy really is being pathetic. I know it's the first time she's been caned - and that a caning is hardly a pleasant experience - but there's no need for all this carry-on. It has taken ages to get her to remove her skirt and drop her knickers, and for me to secure her shirt so that it won't fall down and cover her bottom. Even after that there was a whole lot of undignified pleading when I told her to bend over. She knows the penalty for reading dirty magazines: it's always six of the best on the bare. 

Most girls at Bexhill take their punishments with varying degrees of fortitude, a characteristic which we encourage. We most certainly frown on young ladies who cannot conduct themselves with even a tinge of bravery, which is why young Miss Mandy is now going to get a pasting from my hairbrush on  top of the six stripes she's earned. I hope it will be a lesson to her.


"Mandy, this is your very last chance! Get your hands out of the way immediately, or I'll call in the school secretary to hold you down. Do you hear me?"





Photo from Vintage Spankastique


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