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Eve of the morrow

spanking, corporal punishment

Photo credit: Northern Spanking

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Jesse's wish that someone would be kind and understanding about the thrashing she was due to get the following day from Sister Mercy, the Headmistress of St Mary's, was met from an unexpected quarter that evening.

Jesse was sitting morosely in her dormitory when there was a tap on the door and Angelica looked in. Jesse didn't really know Angelica well - Angelica was a year senior to her.

"I hope I'm not sticking my nose in where it's not wanted," Angelica said to Jesse, "but I heard you're up in front of 'Merciless' tomorrow. Skipping chapel, or something?"

"Hello, Angelica, come in. Sit down here, I'll make some room on the bed. Yes, I couldn't face listening to that boring old priest. The House-mistress caught me in here, reading 'Girl'."

"Oh dear, Jesse. I'm really sorry for you. Missing chapel usually means the cane. Have you been caned before?"

"No, and I'm really terrified at the prospect."

"Well, that's why I came to see you. I got the cane from 'Merciless' last term. I thought maybe I could give you a bit of advice."

"Oh, please do, I'd really appreciate it. One of the girls said the best thing is to wear a silk handkerchief inside my knickers. Does that work?"

"I don't think so. Anyway, she canes you on the bare. Look, my suggestion is to try to prepare yourself psychologically. Tell yourself that you won't give 'Merciless' the pleasure of hearing you howling. I think she likes it when girls do that. Mind you, I'm a fine one to talk: I yelled the place down when she thrashed me!"

"I'm sure you didn't - you have a reputation for being brave. I've seen you on the hockey field."

"Well anyway, that's the best way to face it. Try to convince yourself that you're not going to make a sound. Look, it's only six strokes. The first one really takes your breath away - you can't imagine how much it stings. So whilst you're busy trying to keep on top of that, the second one arrives. Now you're already a third of the way through. If you can still manage to keep quiet when you get to the next stroke, you're halfway there. And after the fourth, there's only two more to go. Just hang on and it'll all be over in few moments. The problem is that each one hurts more than the last, and that final stroke is the worst of all - she puts everything into it. But you can do it: I know you can."

"Thanks, Angelica, I really appreciate the advice, but I'm sure I'm not going to sleep a wink tonight."

"Actually, I'm not sure I will either. Look at this." Angelica rolled on to her tummy and pulled up her slip. Her bottom was red and bruised.

"My God, Angelica, what's that?"

"That awful Sister 'Heil' Mary - you know, the maths teacher - she thought I wasn't paying attention and made me stay behind after class. She gave me half a dozen lashes with her belt. Crikey, where to they learn how to wield those things? I reckon they must go on a course at the Vatican."

"Golly, Angelica, poor you: it looks pretty painful."

"It was. Anyway, look, I'd better go. Good luck tomorrow. Pop up and see me when it's over, I've got some cream which really helps repair the damage. Courage, Jesse. Remember what I said and you'll get through it OK."

Jesse reached over and patted Angelica's knee. "Thanks a lot. You were kind to come and see me. I'll try to be brave."


'But,' she added to herself, 'I don't think I'll succeed.'


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