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The games girls play

Spanking, OTK, corporal punishment

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The four Bexhill School old-girls had had a riotous evening reminiscing about their time at the school and the antics they had got up to while there. After supper (and a third bottle of wine), Susie reminded them of the time they had played strip poker in the dorm , and what had happened when they were caught by Amanda, who'd been the Dorm Captain. There was a lot of laughing, and Susie had reflexively rubbed her bottom at the memory.

"Let's do it again!"

Wendy's suggestion was greeted with enthusiasm,. An hour (and another bottle of wine) later, all the girls had lost every stitch of the clothing they had been wearing. 

"So what shall we do now?" Wendy said, surveying the naked foursome.

"Well,," said Amanda, "I suggest that we do what I did back then. Your behaviour is disgraceful, and obviously the spanking I gave you at Bexhill has had no effect on you. It seems that I need to try again, and much harder." The girls gulped and giggled, but no-one objected to the idea. 

"Right, Jessica, you're first. Over my knees you go. You two, hold her firmly. If she gets free, you'll get my slipper, not just my hand. Now, young ladies, I hope this time I'll teach you a lesson you won't forget!"

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