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More carelessness

Spanking, corporal punishment

The Headmaster thought he'd made the point several weeks previously: carelessness would not be tolerated. On that occasion, annoyed by a series of silly mistakes by the school sevretary, he'd told her that he was dismissing her. Then, as she pleaded tearfully for him to reconsider, a really naughty idea had occurred to him.

She could stay on, he told her, provided she submitted to the same punishment as the girls would receive for a similar offence: a bare-bottom spanking. To his intense gratification she had agreed, and soon found herself knickerless across his knees, where she received a sound smacking. Unsurprisingly, the Headmaster had found the act highly arousing, so much so that he'd been unable to stand up as she left the room in case she noticed the prominent bulge in his trousers.

What the Headmaster didn't know was that Miss Holloway had found the experience equally erotic. She had been overwhelmed by the submissive act of lowering her jeans and pants, prostrating herself over his lap, and the masterful (she had smiled at her own pun) way in which he had delivered the hiding. So turned on had she been that she had been obliged to pull up her panties very quickly afterwards before he noticed the dampness between her thighs.

Now she had mixed up two cheques: the one for the stationers had been sent to the garage, while the garage's cheque had found its way into the envelope for the stationer. The Headmaster was furious. Miss Holloway, feigning contrition, had rather looked forward to the anticipated session across his knees. She had been caught completely by surprise when he ordered her to remove her jeans and pants (by coincidence, she was wearing the same outfit as she had worn on the previous occasion), and told her to lie across his desk. Then it was with trepidation that she saw him walk over to the corner cupboard and extract a leather paddle. It looked fairly harmless, she thought, but then she remembered how much the girls yelled when he thrashed them with it.

The reason why the girls made such a fuss became immediately apparent as the Headmaster delivered the first ringing stroke.

My God, it stung!

She clutched her head in her hands and let out a shout of pain which could be heard in the furthest reaches of the school.

But deep down inside her, somewhere between her legs, she felt the first stirrings of arousal. She pushed her bottom out, eagerly inviting the next whack.

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