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Late for school

Spanking, corporal punishment, OTK

Yet again she'd been late getting up and had missed the school bus. Her irresponsibility was infuriating her mother and me, and one of us would now have to drive her to the school. Well, she could damn well miss her breakfast.

But this she was not going to go without. I hauled her out of bed (I didn't really approve of her sleeping naked at her age), sat down in her wicker chair and pulled her - protesting loudly - across my lap.

As soon as I started spanking her she was wriggling and writhing and kicking and telling me to 'Stop it!'. She hates being spanked and thinks she's too old for such indignities now, but her mother and I will only stop thrashing her when she begins to show a bit of maturity.

"Stay still!" I told her firmly, but again she tried to squirm her way off my lap. There was nothing for it: I seized a handful of her tousled blonde hair and yanked it up. That produced a loud "Ouch! You're hurting me!"

"I intend to hurt your bottom, not your hair. Now stop moving, put your legs down, and place your hands on the floor. Then we can get this over with."

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