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High heels hiding

spanking, corporal punishment, caning

He'd been halfway into the history lesson - fascinating stuff about Pitt the Younger - when he suddenly spotted her shoes. Since when had high heels been permitted at Bexhill? Emma's explanation - that she had bought them when out with her parents last weekend and now she wanted to show them off - cut no ice whatsoever. Let them get away with an inch and they'd grab a mile. What next? Coloured socks? He told her to come up in front of the class and bend over the punishment stool. He fetched the classroom cane and lifted her skirt. 

And that's where he made the second discovery: no knickers! It might take five valuable minutes out of the lesson while he gave her the thrashing she deserved, but this was a question of nipping trouble in the bud. He doubted whether Emma, or any of those watching the stripes develop across her pale white bottom, would give him any problems for the rest of the term.

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