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No slack for Dot

Spanking, corporal punishment, caning


The Headmaster had had his reservations when he hired her. She seemed very young and inexperienced, but the agency had said that she knew how to do her job properly, and anyway the school had desperately needed a new cleaner after poor old Mrs Madge took ill. So he said he'd give her a trial.

It hadn't started well. Halfway through the first day he'd found her with her feet up in the Staff Common Room, drinking a cup of coffee to which - if you please - she'd just helped herself. He gave her a very strict dressing down, and then on impulse he'd put her over his knee and spanked her. Instead of howling, when he'd finished she'd got up and given him this really rather strange 'Mona Lisa' smile. Very odd. He'd warned her that next time the consequences would be much more serious.

Now, just a few days later, he'd grown suspicious at the amount of time she was taking to clean his study. Because the sound of the vacuum cleaner annoyed him, he'd left the room and busied himself with some tasks in the library. But she seemed to be taking forever to finish, and he could no longer hear the sound of the hoover. He decided to investigate.

As he stealthily approached the study, he noticed the door was ajar. Then he heard it: the unmistakeable 'swish' of a cane! What on earth was going on? He strode into the room and was met by the mischievous stare of young Dot, who had evidently taken a Senior down from the rack and had been swiping it around.

"I was just trying it out," she smiled impishly at him. "It looked so wicked!"

The Headmaster paused for a second and then firmly and deliberately he closed the door.

"Yes, Dot, it is rather wicked, as you are about to find out. Give me that cane, lift up your skirt, take your knickers down and touch your toes."

He didn't see her little smile as she turned round and started obeying the instructions.


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