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Tiger top

Spanking, corporal punishment, OTK

It really hadn't been a good idea to put her hand to her mouth and giggle uncontrollably when her mother had appeared in that absurd dress.

Mum was very proud of it, had paid much more than she could afford, and thought she looked great in it. She'd agonised about buying it for several days, but had eventually plucked up the courage to do so. 

And now this reaction from her stupid daughter.

Well, she'd had enough. Let Little Miss Hoity-Toity learn a thing or two about tact, politeness, and keeping your thoughts to yourself. Not to mention hiding your personal opinions if they might hurt others, even it was 'only' your mother.

Even before the first slap landed across her pale and naked cheeks, Jayne wished she'd just shut up. She could always have shared the joke with her friends afterwards, but now she knew that it was going to be an uncomfortable few minutes.

When her mother was in a mood like this she spanked hard and she spanked long.

And she seemed to have a hand of steel.


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