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Book 3   Six Across

The second term of the School Year: dismayed by falling standards of behaviour, the Board of Governors has agreed that the classrooms should be equipped with paddles. The girls doubt whether any of the teachers will have the strength of character to use them. A surprise awaits.

Up in the dormitories, new Head Girl, Florence, if not exactly ‘cane-happy’, doesn’t spare the rattan.  She keeps order through the institution of Sunday evening ‘Assizes’, for which there is usually a small but unhappy band awaiting their fate in the corridor outside the Prefects’ Common Room.

Girl, at last, meets boy when Algy agrees to show off his recently-acquired stripes to Catharine and her friends. Alas, Debbie – ever on the look-out for a chance to trip up her so-called ‘friend’ – sees him hop across the school wall. Her denouncement of Catherine leads to a predictable outcome which meets fully with Debbie’s approval.

Shortly afterwards, disgraceful scenes surrounding the regional school hockey finals leave not only faces that are red. Regrettably, even the ‘riot police’ get swept into the maelstrom.

The Bexhill Spanking Society acquires a new member, while Linda and Sally try to ensure a supply of chocolate Easter eggs in their own inimitable (but inevitably disastrous) way.

Finally, it’s the end of term – but bottoms young and older find little respite even in the holidays.

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Six Across


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