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Unbelievable lies

Spanking, OTK
Spanking, OTK

Isn't it amazing the way parents always seem to be able to sniff out the truth? 

Angie's father had come up to say goodnight to her.

He'd found her lying on her bed reading a magazine, so - apparently quite casually - he'd asked her whether she'd finished her homework.

"Of course I have, dad," she'd replied, but there was something in her tone which alerted her father.

"You know, Angie, sometimes I feel I don't get involved enough in your schoolwork. Why don't you show me what you've done for your assignment this evening."

So, of course, it all came out. Not only had she not completed her homework: she hadn't even started.

Her father sighed.

"OK, over my knees." He yanked her pyjamas bottoms down and delivered a stinging spanking on the bare. But just as she thought it was all over and she'd be allowed to crawl back into bed, massaging her tender backside, her father took her breath away by announcing: "That was Part 1, for not doing your homework. Now comes Part 2: not for lying, but for lying badly."  

Her father was a second-hand car salesman. He had high hopes of Angie joining him in the business when she left school, but if she couldn't tell fibs with more conviction than this, she had much to learn.  He'd spank it into her if it was the last thing he did.



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Upper photo from Bringbackthecane


Lower photo from Smartingbottom

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