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Responsibility of an elder sister

Spanking, corporal punishment, caning

Jane had made herself quite clear: no, her younger sister Catharine could not use Jane's cosmetics. Her make-up drawer was out-of-bounds, so keep away.

Catharine had been crestfallen at the news. She had a date with a new boyfriend on Saturday night, but had blown all her pocket money on a new (and rather revealing) dress. She could not possibly afford the other stuff she thought she'd need to put on a good show: mascara and powder and lipstick and eye-liner and eye shadow and blusher and foundation cream and...well, and all those other things that she'd sat and watched Jane applying in the past. Not to mention scent.

She wheedled and pleaded until Jane began to get irritated, especially when Catharine asked if she could also borrow a handbag.

"Look, if you haven't got these things of your own, then you're not old enough to go out. Invite him round and settle down in front of the TV with a tub of popcorn. That's your level at present."

Catharine gave Jane a sulky look.

"I can't bring him here. Mum and Dad will be around."


"What do you mean, 'so'? We wouldn't be able to do anything with them here."

Jane swivelled on her chair, eyes alight.

"And just what did you have in mind doing at your age?"

"Oh come on Jane. I'm not a baby. You know the sort of thing we want to do!"

Suddenly, Jane became the responsible older sister. What was OK for her was not OK for her younger sibling, and most definitely she was not going to allow sex to rear its ugly head. She a duty to protect the younger girl's morals.

"Were you planning on kissing him? On your first date?"

"Jane, he's really dishy. He'd be the first boy I've kissed properly..."

She got no further. Jane leaped up and grabbed her sister, forcing her - protesting - on to the chair she'd just vacated. She pushed Catharine over the back, whipped her knickers down and lifted her skirt, and proceeded to give the writhing, howling girl a sound spanking.

It really was a rather touching example of sisterly responsibility, although Catharine might not have agreed.


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