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Whacked by a weirdo

caning, corporal punishment, schoolgirls

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If you're in the changing rooms and feel like discussing the merits of the Prefects, the important thing to remember is to make sure that you're not overheard, especially if you're venting your views on 'that weirdo Hanna'. 

"What does she take, for Heavens' sake?" Susie chirruped to her friend. "Does she really get high on purple Smarties or something?"

"I reckon she supplies the Headmistress with whatever it is. That's why they made her a Prefect," Annie giggled, taking off her running shorts.

"Well there can't be any other reason," agreed Susie. "I mean, she's away with the fairies most of the time."

Neither of them noticed that the shower had stopped.

"Cynthia reckons she saw Hanna sniffing her socks. That would be enough to turn anyone's head."

"Hanna's socks? Even the thought makes me feel queasy!" Susie slipped her own shorts from around her ankles.

"Well, at least that's sorted something out," the voice came from behind the shower curtain. "I have been listening to your interesting views on me." Hanna stepped out of the shower, wrapped in a towel, her wet hair straggly around her shoulders. "I was trying to decide how best to punish you. I was considering making you smell my socks, but I don't want to upset your sensitive stomachs. So now if you'll just hang on for a moment while I put on something more formal, I'll fetch my cane. While we're waiting, perhaps you'd like to get yourself in position over that desk, Susie."

A few minutes later, Hanna reappeared, dressed in her habitual style, swishing a short, whippy length of rattan.

"Now, Susie, let's see. 'Weirdo' has six letters I believe, so a stroke per letter will do nicely, at least for a start. Are you ready?"


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