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Book 5   No Bottom Spared

Another year begins at Bexhill. The new headmistress has to start the term off by administering four birchings, a punishment not used at the school for decades.

Her deputy, an ex-Army officer, knows all about discipline, but when it has to be applied to a teenage girl's bottom, it has a strange effect on him. So when he tans the hides off a bunch of young gamblers, he earns himself a very special nickname.

A snooty young lady joins the school, but a smacked bottom changes her in a most remarkable way. It seems it's never too late for a leopard to change its spots.

It was a good idea to take on a pair of foreign language teachers, but the chic French madamoiselle is loathe to give up her beloved martinet in favour of the crude English paddle, while the handsome Spanish tutor reaps the rewards for tapping a French derriere.

Debbie insists she was right. The school (and the staff) are split. Just how far should 'Rules are Rules' apply? If you are as ambitious as Debbie, the answer seems to be right to the end (literally).

At last, the Christmas holidays arrive, but a bad report can seriously prejudice the amount of available goodwill, as a pair of young ladies from very different backgrounds find to their cost.

'No Bottom Spared' rings with the sound of wood and other materials against bare bottoms, all related in the well-written, inventive and often humorous style of the Bexhill series.




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 No Bottom Spared





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