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Tempers frayed when it became as hot as this, so it was not a good moment to provoke mother. 

"I'll do the washing up when I've cooled down and am good and ready," was not the most tactful response to Mum's repeated request for a bit of help around the house. 

Nor was stomping off into the garden, turning on the hose, and accidentally drenching the washing on the clothes line.

But the clincher was the state of Jenny's room when her mother chanced to glance in. It looked as though a bomb had hit it. In other words, it was a typical teenager's habitation and normally Jenny might have got off with a bit of finger-waggling from her mother. But the heat and humidity had put tolerance in short supply.

"Right!" her mother had grunted as she retrieved her heavy, wooden hairbrush from her bedroom.

"Jenny, come up here - immediately!" her mother had shouted out of the window.

There are times when even someone who is overflowing with attitude realises that all is not well.

"Why, Mum?" The query was not uttered with much confidence.

"Because if you don't get yourself up here immediately, I'll fetch the cane!"

Oh, the embarassment! The neighbours were bound to have heard that. Just as a few moments later they could clearly hear the thwack of wood against bare bottom, and the yells of a repentent young lady.

Alas, the neighbours were unsymathetic.

"Well, she had that coming, didn't she, Doris?" Mr Palmer from next door said to his wife, unable to conceal a smirk.





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