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The Alternative

spanking, corporal punishment, OTK

Photo from Bringbackthecane.

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There was no doubt that she'd been drunk and disorderly, and when the police had arrved outside the pub and asked them - very politely - to quieten down and disperse, it had been a really bad idea to give them some choice lip. They'd hauled her in and locked her up for the night. In the morning, more or less sober, Nancy bitterly regretted the situation she found herself in. 
After what seemed a long time a young police woman arrived and took her to the interview room. She regarded Jenny balefully.
"Right, girl," she said brusquely, "we're fed up wasting our time with stupid young people like you. The police have got better things to do than run around after a lot rowdy teenagers."
"I'm very sorry," said Nancy, avoiding the policewoman's eyes. "What's going to happen to me? My parents are going to be furious."
"No doubt they'll tell you not to do it again, at least until next week. If they gave you the thrashing you deserve, maybe you'd learn your lesson."
"Am I going to be charged?"
The WPC thought for a moment.
"What I just said has given me an idea. It's not really politically correct, but it might be rather effective. I'll give you a choice: either I charge you with being drunk and disorderly, causing a breach of the peace, assaulting a police officer, and any other charges I can think of. Or I give you a hiding right here and now."
Nancy gasped. "A hiding? Do you mean a spanking?"
"Yes, over my knee. Very hard, on your bare bottom, with a paddle."
"Oh my god, but I've never been spanked before."
"Well, it shows. Now, make up your mind. I'll count to three. One...two..."
"OK, OK, I'll take the spanking. But please, not too hard."
"It'll be as hard as you deserve. Now take your knickers down while I fetch the paddle."
And so, less than two minutes later, Nancy was indeed learning a lesson she'd never forget.

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