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The Flying White Scarf



Tom Simple's new CP romance. Set in the 1920s, 'Dizzie' Lizzie is a spoiled, bored London socialite who signs up for a pioneering flight from Britain to India. Her bratty attitude soon upsets the suave, wordly-wise pilot, Max. A few days into the trip, he gives her a well-merited spanking, which proves seminal for both of them. As the flight progresses and adventures overtake the pair, they become ever closer, despite the dark tragedy which clouds Max' past. If you like your CP tales well-written and mixed with romance and adventure, this book is for you.


An reader's opinion:


***** Unusual Romance, Exotic Places


This is different from the usual run-of-the-mill romance. For one, the writing quality was really high. I consider myself a smart, well-educated person, but I had to consult a dictionary a few times myself. The descriptions are perfect. You really get a feel for the life and times, which is 1920s England, India, and ports in-between as a spoilt young socialite boards a mail plane.

She starts off on the wrong foot with the pilot, whom she quickly learns is not to be treated like a glorified chauffeur. After a lesson in respect, she comes to admire the pilot, and perhaps, even love him.

Her morals are a bit nonexistent. She is not monogamous, but then, she isn't really in a relationship with the pilot yet. The result is a steamy-hot scene between her and an Arab Sheik.

If you're looking for something different, intriguing, and exotic, you won't be disappointed with this book. It is part one of two - the book has a good, satisfying ending, but if you're looking for the Happily Ever After, you'll have to wait for book two.







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