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Poetry in Motion

Spanking, paddling, corporal punishment, schoolgirls

The trouble with Mandy was the affliction known as 'End-of-term-itis'. As the semester drew to a close, Mandy started anticipating the delights of the holidays. For a start, she couldn't concentrate in class: he mind was on Geoff, her boyfriend, and how she couldn't wait to feel his arms around her and their lips meeting. Alas, these thoughts had prevented her from memorising the poem which the English teacher had written up on the board. She was the only one in the class who failed to be able to repeat it word-for-word when she stood in front them with her back to the blackboard. Miss Simpon decided to make an example of her: she told Mandy to wait behind during the mid-morning break. Mandy's insides curdled: she knew what was coming.

However, it was when Miss Simpson told Mandy to bend over the teacher's desk, and she lifted Mandy's skirt, that the full extent of the girl's waywardness was revealed. The school most certainly did not approve of provocative mini-knickers, nor of lacy stocking tops, let alone the high heels.

Miss Simpson disliked girls who didn't make a proper effort. She was also fed up with Mandy's attitude. After the six firm strokes she intended to administer for the unlearned poetry, she would march this wretched girl straight around to the Headmistress. She was in little doubt that the sting of the paddle would be the last sensation that Mandy's bottom would suffer that morning.

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