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Not so comic

Spanking, corporal punishment, OTK

When Aunt Alyse had gone out to do the shopping, she told Debbie to make sure the household chores were completed by the time she came back. It wasn't much to ask: just the washing up, making the beds, and a little ironing.


So when the aunt returned and found that nothing, absoluletly nothing, had been done, she was furious. But even that fury was surpassed when she found Debbie lying on her bed, surrounded by comics, and picking at a box of chocolates.

Aunt Alyse blew a fuse, telling Debbie that she wasn't staying in a hotel and that if she didn't show a bit of respect and cooperation to her aunt, she knew what to expect.

Debbie did indeed know. Her heart sank.

"Tidy up these comics, then come downstairs," Auntie ordered tersely.

As soon as she got to the living room, Debbie saw that her worst fears were confirmed. Aunt Alyse was sitting on a chair, tapping that horrid, heavy hairbrush against her left hand.

"Knickers down, right down to your knees. Good. Now over you go."

Debbie gripped the leg of the chair with her left hand, her right hand trying one last, futile attempt to protect her soft white bottom from the assault which she knew was coming.

"Please, auntie, please. I'll do everything you ask me to do immediately. Please don't spank me. Please!"

She felt her hand being yanked roughly up her back, as auntie raised the brush high over her shoulder.


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