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Changing Room blues (and blacks and purples)

Spanking, corporal punishment, caning

They had been careless. No-one had been keeping a proper look-out as they enjoyed a quick and crafty cigarette after the game. In fact, the first hint they'd had of anyone being around was when the headmaster had burst into the Changing Rooms. There was no point in denying anything: the place was full of smoke. He told them to prepare themselves, kneel on the benches, and hold on to the coat hooks. Then he'd disappeared, but they all knew why.

Sure enough, here he was again. He'd put on his formal gown (no doubt to emphasise the gravity of the situation) and - Oh Crikey! - he was carrying a Dragon cane. And my God, he looked grim, really grim.

This wasn't going to be pleasant.

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