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The Bexhill series of school corporal punishment books is now available from Amazon and Blushing Books under the Bexhill titles.
The books are inspired by the feeling (actually, near certainty!) that Tom Simple writes better prose than E.L. James ('50 Shades....' etc). None of his characters roll their eyes, says "Oh my", nor has an inner goddess. The Bexhill books are spanking erotica for the literate reader

 What readers say about Tom Simple’s books:




...the series shows great promise and [I] will buy more episodes


One of the very best school spanking stories I have read. Very well written...there is nothing is descriptive...easily pictured in the mind...the girls...parents...teachers are all likeable, and there is some delightful unexpected humour, too. Buy with confidence.


Saucy fun which makes your imagination run wild. Good stuff


Punishments are severe and descriptive and meted out by the headmaster, deputy headmistress and the girls themselves.


This is a good series for all who like a story where the cane is used for almost all infractions and other implements are used once in awhile as well. Good job.



This is different from the usual run-of-the-mill romance. For one, the writing quality was really high. I consider myself a smart, well-educated person, but I had to consult a dictionary a few times myself. The descriptions are perfect. You really get a feel for the life and times, which is 1920s England, India, and ports in-between as a spoilt young socialite boards a mail plane.

She starts off on the wrong foot with the pilot, whom she quickly learns is not to be treated like a glorified chauffeur. After a lesson in respect, she comes to admire the pilot, and perhaps, even love him.

Her morals are a bit nonexistent. She is not monogamous, but then, she isn't really in a relationship with the pilot yet. The result is a steamy-hot scene between her and an Arab Sheik.

If you're looking for something different, intriguing, and exotic, you won't be disappointed with this book. It is part one of two - the book has a good, satisfying ending, but if you're looking for the Happily Ever After, you'll have to wait for book two




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