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Book 6   Sporting stripes

The new Headmistress and her Deputy are beginning to make their presence felt, quite literally. So being caught goggling at the TV instead of attending extra maths coaching is a surprisingly painful experience. 

Catharine administers her first spanking as a Dormitory Captain, but gets carried away. What should have been the salutary punishment of a wayward new girl leads to a chain of smacked bottoms.

The new Head Girl doesn’t like using her cane of office, but if needs must, she can swish it with the best of them.

There’s always a temptation to park where you shouldn’t for ‘just a minute’, but Miss Holloway, the school secretary, finds the consequences of taking such risks are a little unusual.

Linda and Sally, those two incorrigible pranksters, are at it again. What a pity they have to involve innocents like Veronica and Chloe (who really doesn’t enjoy the inevitable consequences).

‘Faster’ Fraser, the Games mistress, joins the eclectic pantheon of school legends when she teaches the Fifth Form an unusually painful lesson one rainy afternoon.

Finally, Easter holidays and a meeting of minds when Anna, founder of the Bexhill Spanking Society, travels to Scotland for a short, stately, and rather rewarding break with another ‘skirted’ figure.


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 Sporting stripes


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