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masturbation, spanking, corporal punishment

Photo credit: the Penitents


OK, OK, so I was masturbating. Is it really the crime which 'Fuzzy' Furse (the Housemistress), Matron, and the chaplain say it is? Am I really going to become debauched, or blind, or go to hell?

I'd seen that cute little Fourth Former, Beryl, waiting nervously outside the Headmistress' study. Like most of the seniors, I've got a crush on her. I mean, she may be rather old to be in the Fourth Form, but apparently she's pretty thick so that's why they moved her to Bexhill. Anyway, she's cute as anything. Then when she told me that she thought she was going to get whacked because she'd been late handing in schoolwork again, I felt a flush coming on. The very thought of her bending over the HM's desk and getting that delectable little bottom tanned was enough to set my hormones racing. I made some kind of sympathetic remark and dashed up to the dorm.

We're right above the HM's study and we can hear more than she thinks we can, especially if the windows are open. It was a hot day so I threw up the lower part of our sash, and peered out. I just had time to see that the study windows were also open, when I heard Mrs Winchester summon Beryl.

I couldn't exactly make out the conversation, but it seemed to be rather one-sided. After a while, there was a pause, and for one heart-stopping moment I thought Mrs W had let Beryl off. Then I heard the crack of leather across bare bottom, and Beryl's sexy little yelp. She was obviously being given a dose of the tawse. Oh my God, this was just too delicious!

I flung myself down on my bed, thrust my hands deep inside my knickers, and let my fingers explore the origins of the wetness there. I timed it perfectly and came to a shuddering climax at the precise moment Beryl squealed at the impact of the sixth stroke. I could just imagine her wriggling her red-and-purple striped rump high in the air, naked and inviting.

And then I realised I wasn't alone.

I glanced up. 'Fuzzy' was standing there, eyes blazing.

"You dirty, disgusting little girl! Come to my study immediately. I'll show you what happens to people who play with themselves."




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