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Spanking, OTK, schoolgirls, corporal punishment
Spanking, corporal punishment
Spanking, corporal punishment

Worst moments 6. The first time.


My description of the first time my sister and I got spanked, and the photo of my reddened bottom which  I had shown to the girls in the Sixth Form Common Room [see Worst Moments 5] had been received with approval. I invited the others to tell us about the first time they had been whacked, a moment no-one ever forgets.

"Well," said Linda, "the first knees I ended up going over were my big sister's. She's a couple of years older than me which meant that occasionally one of us had school when the other had time off. It was like that one afternoon: she was here at Bexhill and I was at home.

"I was in the bathroom, brushing my hair, when I saw a new bottle of what I thought was shampoo standing on the shelf in the shower. It was blue and looked really cool, so - on the spur of the moment - I decided to wash my hair with it. Unfortunately, I didn't read the label. It wasn't shampoo, it was dye, and you were only supposed to use a tiny amount, not the huge dollop I ladled onto my hair!"

"Golly!" someone gasped.

"But I didn't realise anything was wrong, so I worked the stuff well into the roots, and started rinsing it out. 'How pretty!' I thought as the colour ran down my body, swirled around the shower tray, and gurgled down the drain.

"Then I stepped out of the shower and caught sight of myself. I nearly died of shock. It was only then that I looked at the instructions and realised what I'd done. Oh my god! I washed and rinsed and washed and rinsed with every shampoo I could find, but nothing would get that wretched colour out.

"So, to cut a dismal story short, when my sister came back from school and saw me, she immediately realised what had happened. She knew how to get the dye out, but she gave me a choice. If I wanted her to tell me, I'd have to submit to really long, hard spanking from her. Otherwise she wouldn't tell me the secret and I could wait until our parents came home and saw me. I knew that would mean the paddle, or worse. I chose the spanking, but wow! she really laid into me. Afterwards she made me kneel in a corner for half an hour before she'd let me get dressed.

"At supper that night my mum complemented me on my clean and shiny hair, but asked me why I kept fidgeting around on the chair".

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Upper photo: Spankedgirlsbottoms

Centre photo: Bringbackthecane

Lower photo: Nuwest (link unknown)

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