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Worst Moments 3: Afterwards


Having agreed that Anticipation was probably the worst aspect of corporal punishment, and that the cane was the most feared implement (followed closely by the paddle and the martinet), our discussion turned to Afterwards. 

There is the immediate aftermath, when you are told to stand up after the caning has finished. It's impossible to resist clutching your burning backside and trying to soothe the flames, even if for only a moment because some teachers then insist you place your hands on your head while they fill out the Punishment Book.

After that, there's the time when you are dismissed and you rush off as quickly as you can to assess the 'trade marks'. Some girls like doing that privately; others like showing off the stripes to their friends.

There was a pause, then someone said - rather diffidently - that afterwards they sometimes felt, er, um, a kind of...well, sexual glow, especially if they had been caned with another girl and they, well, you know, sort of 'liked' that other girl.

The speaker blushed to the roots of her hair, but I'm sure we all knew what she meant.

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Top photo: Bringbackthecane

Centre: Spankink

Lower: Caned

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