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Spanking caning coporal punishment

Most embarrassing spankings


Since those of us in the Common Room were in the mood to talk about corporal punishment (and, quite honestly, some of us were getting quite turned on by the discussion), the debate moved on to our most embarrassing experiences when getting spanked.

Jenny blushed even telling the story of when her mother had thrown a hissy fit as they walked through the local park one Sunday morning, plonked herself down on a bench, and thrust Jenny over her knee regardless of the curious glances of the other strollers. "It was even worse," admitted Jenny, "because I wasn't wearing any knickers!"

Cynthia was mortified as she recalled the incident when she'd used the 'F' word in front of her mother's friend from the church group, who was having tea with them. Cynthia had hardly realised what she had said when her mother stormed from the room, fetched a cane, pushed Cynthia over the table and whipped her jeans and panties down in front of the bemused Mrs Smithers. Cythia's bottom then bounced to six real stingers, while she clutched at the edge of the table and tried to retain her composure. As she fled upstairs after the humiliation, she heard Mrs Smithers praising the good work which had just been done in the name of the Lord.

Amanda's worst memory was of the time their neighbour had come round to complain of the cigarette butts which had been thrown across the fence between our garden and his. Since neither Amanda's mum nor her dad smoked, it was pretty clear who the guilty party was. Mum threw a complete wobbler, told the neighbour to take a seat while she fetched a paddle, and then proceeded to give Amanda a bare-bottom thrashing of epic proportions, whilst the neighbour drank in the titillating spectacle in front of him.

Paddling. Corporal punishment

Top photo: Sunday Spankings


Lower two photos: The Penitents

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