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Book 1 The Smack of Things to Come

spanking, caning, corporal punishment

The hallmark of the Bexhill School for Girls, in the late 1950s, was its insistence on the merits of proper discipline.

Debbie is a rebellious, spoiled brat, despite her parents’ best efforts with brush and strap: just the sort of girl who will benefit from Bexhill’s strict philosophy. She is an unwilling new pupil.
Catharine, on the other hand, is eager to start at Bexhill because her sister, Jane, had been there. She is not put off by her sister’s graphic accounts of the school’s corporal punishment regime.
Far away on a Mediterranean island, two French girls get carried away (at the cost of a meeting with their teacher’s martinet) by the prospect of an exchange visit to the English school the following year.
Nearer home, the Headmaster learns why his nickname is ‘Three Taps’, the Deputy Head admires her daughter’s fortitude under the lash, and the school secretary uncovers a dark side to her character.
This book is intended as an introduction to some of the girls and staff who will assemble at Bexhill as the new Academic Year begins and whose fortunes we shall be following in the Bexhill series.


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The Smack of Things to Come 


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