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Never too senior

spanking, OTK, corporal punishment

The Headmistress of Bexhill School for Girls was having a 'bad hair' day. The end-of-term reports were late; the government had just altered the maths syllabus yet again, requiring considerable changes to next term's programme; one of the parents was complaining because her wretched daughter had been caned by the Deputy Head; and Matron was nagging on about something that needed fixing in the showers. On top of it all, Amanda - the Head Girl - had forgotten to sign off on the Fire Regulations after the last fire practice and the local brigade's inspector had got into a bureaucratic huff.

Enough. Here was a handy victim standing shame-facedly in front of her, with no proper excuse for her omission. Normally, the HM would just have bawled the girl out and told her to get on with it. Today, though, the Head needed to let off some steam. In all honesty, it wasn't an especially serious offence, so she reluctantly discarded the idea of a laying into Amanda with a cane, although the swish and crack of the rattan on a bare behind would have been just what the doctor ordered.

Instead, she sat herself down on the chaise-longue and pointedly indicated her lap. The Head Girl stared in amazement.

"But, Headmistress, surely you don't...I mean..."

"Over my knees now, Amanda!"

"But, ma'am, I'm the Head Girl. You can't spank the Head Girl..."

"Oh can't I?" said the HM, grasping Amanda's left arm and thrusting her forcefully across her lap. Amanda scrabbled to support herself: one hand on the settee, on one the floor.

"Ma'am..." she started protesting, then "No! No! No!" as she felt her regulation green knickers being dragged down, followed immediately "Ow! Oww! Owww!" as the stinging slaps began to rain down. My God - how they hurt: the woman had a palm of iron. Surely it wasn't as bad as this last time she'd been spanked over the Head's knees, all those years ago, as a new Fourth Former? Amanda didn't know which was worse: the sheer indignity of what was happening, or the spreading pain in her glowing backside.

But to every cloud there is a silver lining. The Headmistress was beginning to feel better, in fact much better. A few more minutes of this and she'd be quite restored.


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