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The trouble with administering a good spanking is all the paperwork that goes with it. 

April had thoroughly deserved the tawsing I'd just given her: six good lashes had left her howling and eager to rub the red and purple stripes that had started to blush across her bottom.

I'd warned her last week to improve her grades or there would be consequences, but far from getting better, her end-of-week reports had shown a decline in both attainment and - worse - effort. Hence the need for a little encouragement. And I've warned her that any failure to improve this week will lead to a meeting with the cane (a Senior, I think, although I didn't tell her that).

Now I have to fill out all these forms to keep the records straight for the Board of Governors and all those interfering inspectors.

Why can't it be like the old days, when I could just give them a good hiding and then it was all over?


"Stop blubbing, girl!"



Spanking, corporal punishment
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