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Schoolgirl, cane

For starters, they'll get six each with my cane

Schoolgirl, corporal punishment, spanking

Jane was 'off message' about her knickers

Schoolgirl, corporal punishment, spanking

Take your places

For the first parts of this story, see 'Receiving end' and 'Prefects tanning'


It would almost have been possible to feel sorry for the six girls due for a Prefects tanning that evening, so miserable did they look throughout the day. It was only when I felt the tender ridges on my own bum that I knew that they deserved what was coming.

After supper, all the Prefects assembled in our Common Room and we briefly discussed what was to happen. As ever, I - as Head Girl - would give each of the victims six strokes with the cane. The Prefects would line up, waiting in single file, each carrying her riding crop. When I had whacked the final girl, I would invite the first Prefect to step forward and apply two strokes to each of the Juniors. The Prefect would have the right to require the girls to position themselves in any way she chose: over a chair or table, or even over the horse from the gym which we'd had specially brought up to the Common Room. After the last of the Prefects had delivered her two strokes, each girl's knickers would be inspected. If they were not shredded (or at least torn), I would have the right to order a second round with the crops. A Prefects tanning was not for the faint-hearted.

Outside, in the corridor, the terrified girls were lined up and waiting. We called them in. There were two groups: the pair I'd caught eavesdropping while I was being caned, and the four girls who'd caused the disturbance in the town. The eavesdroppers were dealt with first.

One of the two - Jane - was way 'off message' and was wearing a brief pair of non-regulation panties. When I told her she'd get two extra strokes from me for daring to present herself in this manner, her lower lip started quivering and she pleaded that she had been told 'to wear an old pair of kickers' and that these were the oldest she had. I felt I had to let her off, especially as they would provide virtually no protection at all.

But I decided to let her wait and savour her fate: I'd start with her friend Jennie. I told her to lift up her skirt and position herself across the horse. She slowly obeyed.

I ordered the four 'riotous behaviour' sinners to take their skirts off and line up one behind the other, with their hands on each others shoulders. Ritual was a large part of a Prefects tanning.

I motioned to the Prefects to take up their positions, which they did with such impeccable drill that it surprised me!

I swished my cane viciously a couple of times to induce the right atmosphere and then laid the rattan across the peak of Jane's up-thrust bottom. She wiggled briefly in anticipation. The show was about to begin.



Schoolgirl, corporal punishment, spanking
Schoolgirl, corporal punishment, spanking

Over the horse, Jennie awaits my first stroke while...

...the other Juniors and the Prefects line up

Top photo: Women in Control

'Knickers' and 'Juniors' Naughty Girl Punishments

'Jane': Source unknown

'Prefects': Loving discipline


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