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Bare on the balcony


I really don't know what made me do it. It was a hot day and I just sort of felt like wandering out on to the balcony. I didn't even realised that I had no clothes on. I stood there for a while, watching the world go by. I don't think anyone noticed me; the old boy who lives across the road is half blind anyway.

Then there was this yell of outrage from behind me. Mum had come into room and seen me. She went ballistic. I don't think she's ever strapped me so hard in her whole life. My bottom was absolutely ablaze when she'd finished, and I was told to stay in my room for the rest of the day, and not to go anywhere near the balcony, dressed or undressed.

I spent that afternoon worrying whether she'd tell Dad. He's kind of puritanical and he'd blow a fuse if he found out.

Well, the fuse blew. He was absolutely livid, grabbed his cane, made me bend over the sofa, and gave me twelve of the hardest swipes I've ever had to endure. I won't be baring myself on that balcony again!

But, you know, the strange thing is that after the caning, as I massaged my throbbing backside, I suddenly realised that I was really, really turned on and wet as anything. That's rather kinky, isn't it?

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