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Miss Holloway had been an exemplary school secretary until just a couple of weeks ago, but recently her work had become sloppy. The headmaster had cautioned her, but now -  just as he wanted to leave early - it had happened again. Twice he'd had to send back the letter she'd typed to Sir Miles Ransome, the most prestigious parent Bexhill could boast, and he'd been just about to sign the third draft when his eye caught the salutation: 'Yours sincerly'. He was furious. He summoned the wretched secretary into the office, waved the letter in front of her, and told her that her services were no longer required. He'd find a new secretary who could do the job properly. Miss Holloway promptly broke down, pleading with him not to fire her.

The fact was he didn't really want to lose her, not least because he fancied the pants off her. A thought - a really wicked thought - occurred to him. Did he dare implement it? He took a deep breath. 

"Miss Holloway, if one of the girls repeatedly produced careless work, after I'd admonished her, what would happen to her?"

"I suppose you'd punish her, sir."


"Well, if she'd been warned previously, the next time she'd probably be spanked."

"Precisely. So, Miss Holloway, I'll give you a choice. You can either clear your desk and not return on Monday morning, or accept a chastisement."

The secretary blushed deep pink. "But...sir...I mean..."

"Go away and re-type that letter and get it right this time. When you bring it back, let me have your answer."

Five minutes later, she tapped nervously on the study door and brought in the corrected letter. The headmaster took it, read it carefully, and signed. He looked up.

"The other matter - did you decide?"

Miss Holloway's face was scarlet with embarrassment.

"Yes sir...I...I'll take the spanking please."

"Very well." The headmaster got up and came around the side of his desk. He turned one of the guest chairs around and sat down.

"Over here and pull down those trousers and your pants, they offer too much protection. This will be on the bare. Come on, get on with it. Now, over my knees. That's right, and keep your hands away from your bottom. Are you ready?"


(Miss Holloway appears in the Bexhill School series of books)

The price of carelessness

spanking, corporal punishment
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