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Reality was a bit different from the sites Vicky liked visiting

Editor's woes


"So," said the Headmaster, "When you offered to edit the school's website, I suppose you thought it was just an excuse to surf the net all day."

"No, sir," mumbled Vicky, "I really like doing that sort of thing and I'm good at it."

"So why hasn't the site been updated in months?"

"Umm." Vicky realised that she was on weak ground. It was true that she hadn't put up any fresh material since - good grief, it was almost a whole term now. The trouble was, when she started looking around the net for material, there were so many fascinating things out there that she just got carried away. In fact, she'd now discovered a whole mass of CP sites: naughty but nice; not really the sort of thing you could show to pupils, staff, and parents. Thank goodness the Headmaster couldn't know about them.

"And I've seen how you look at all those disgusting pages."

Oh no!! How could he? She'd been so careful.

"Well, young lady, since you're interested in corporal punishment, I think I can be of assistance. If you'd just lower your shorts and knickers and bend over that chair..."

"Oh no sir, please!"

"Too late for all that. We'll start with a paddling for laziness, and then we'll move on to something more appropriate to your perverted tastes. Now prepare yourself and place your hands on the chair, or I'll double the number swats I intend giving you."

Suddenly, as Vicky pulled down her shorts and panties, she realised that editing websites could have a serious downside.

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